Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Anthropologist | humanistic approach.  social behavior related to design.  beginners mind. listen and look. observer.
The Experimenter | prototype. trial and error. experimentation as implementation.
The Cross -Pollinator | explorer. interested in other viewpoints. translates research. make things happen. show and tell. diverse background. stir the pot.

The Hurdler | innovation. outsmarts overcomes obstacles.  barrier jumper. perseverance. do more with less.
The Collaborator | come together.  leads from the middle. multidisciplinary solutions. stir the pot.
The Director | gathers talent. sparks and inspires. launches.

The Experience Architect | design experiences.  connect at a deeper level. creates positive encounters. fend off the ordinary. focus their energy. packaging experience. journey.
The Set Designer | creates a stage. makes a greenhouse. physical environments as tools. nourish team. sustain  creative culture. improvements.
The Caregiver | care beyond service. human touch. deeper level. anticipates needs. heart of team.
The Storyteller | internal morale. external awareness. building the fundamentals. human value.  support.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

The kind of day when it takes me at least three tries just to doodle a phrase

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Turn your Barrier into Bridges

Barrier : Bridge

Forcing people to interact might make them shy awa
y : Provoking people to interact is more successful

People won't relate and interact : commonalities make people relate

We don't have enough money to build it :  We can use donated and found items.  Plus we are just getting up to the prototype stage of design

People will not interact :  If the design is appealing it will draw people in and in turn they have the opportunity to interact with each other

It is one design that must coincide with various sites and activities :  This is a prototype and can be altered to be more site-specific but a prototype design is used for many things in different places- i.e. mailbox, street signs, etc.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Design Thinking Project Proposal

  • laptop+printer+scanner combo
  • bike bag|more comfortable to ride with and doesn't get in the way
  • shower caddy|for dorm life
  • dog park|for more than the dogs, owners can multitask here
  • a bike+music deal that makes it easier to listen to music while riding, no dangerous headphones+spokes combo
  • a design thinking app
  • an outdoor sit-down area that makes it easy for students to do work outside
  •  integration+interactive wait or rest spot|perhaps in metro stations, bus stops, waiting at the pharmacy or an office waiting room
  • an interactive display area for campus' to display different pieces of work from all majors and areas
  • rainwear|rethinking boots+umbrellas+rain jackets
  • adopt a street, road or highway|a more site-specific design thinking project
  • carry bag|we often use the same type of carry bags as years and years before while we have many more gadgets than in the past