Thursday, September 30, 2010

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

301-02 bungalow : ranch : [mcmansion] : high-rise

This semester in studio we'll be exploring residential spaces.  Broken down into four major time periods I feel the curriculum will thoroughly represent the evolution of residential spaces in the United States.  I believe this studio will give me the chance to focus more on materials, furnishings, color trends, lighting effects and fixtures, and tying in concepts to the physical and metaphysical aspects.  I am excited to study two structures that already appeal to me, bungalows and ranches, as well as get involved in the discussion of those I don't appreciate; the mcmansions.  I'm happy that we will be taking a different approach to each time period.  Previously, I have only grazed over the residential realm and used it as a stepping stone to bigger things but being introduced to the structure of this studio has made me think about transforming my knowledge of residential spaces from a stepping stone to a foundation for my other work.