Monday, April 19, 2010

This sketch of Suzanne's could not better describe me today.  

On the flip side please check out more of her amazing and inspiration work here.

I've got an itch...

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Recently I've been researching where I'd like to study abroad which has really heightened my urge to travel.  Although Belgium isn't on the list I couldn't help sketch this view of Town Square or Grote Markt in Antwerp.

Thursday, April 8, 2010



To shape a legacy of ecological stewardship, social equity, and prosperity for future generations.


To identify and recommend responsible and sustainable practices in all aspects of our institutional culture, including operational activities, academic programs and community relationships.

 People to talk to : Jenny Paige and Anna Marshall-Baker
...along with the members of each indiviual commitee in which one person from each group is selected to serve on the Council or Representatives.

Starting in 2007 an Enviromental Studies Major became avaliable

Our efforts are broken down into these groups:

Communication and Outreach, Dining Services, Energy and Water, Green Building, Health and Social Justice, Grounds Maitenane, Health and Safety, Transportation and Campus Access, Waste Reduction and Society

Last semester my studio class held a sustainability-book-fair 

Sustainability: Smart Transportation: Bus Shelter

From trash to treasure: sustainability in product design

Sustainability: Preservation : Quad

Thursday, April 1, 2010

My Innovation Face

     I think two innovation faces fit me the best:  the anthropologist and the experience architect.  Something both these have in common is that they are open and revolve around what people will get out of design.  One of my favorite quotes is "People ignore design that ignores people."  Whenever I'm designing something I am thinking more of the experience the end product will create more than just the end product itself.  I like to people watch and observe different cultures and lifestyles.   I think it is important to do so for many, many reasons.   Looking at things from different perspectives and putting yourself in others shoes has a positive reflection on your character and your work.  Just as I am always looking for what inspires others I myself always keep things that inspire me close.  I love to be inspired.
  These two faces are in the learning and building categories.  Both which I think are hands on.  These faces will really add to our design thinking project.  I think the anthropologist makes a good teammate and researcher.  The experience architect will really push what the anthropologist does to the next level by building upon that knowledge and actually creating something.