Tuesday, February 21, 2012

412-2.0 Process : Glenwood Site

What do we want our space to say:
-street/human scale-neighborhood scale
-connection with nature
-merge indoor+outdoor
-responds to people
-open boundaries

phenomenology + gears:
-working together –parts/whole
-small gears affect one down the line
-layers + different configurations shape specific to purpose

Our mission is to create an environment that connects the existing Glenwood community into a mixed-use space that breathes a new life into the revitalized area.  Our goal is to achieve net zero by replacing existing elements in a way that strengthens community ties and adds value to the neighborhood.  This will be accomplished by maintaining an equal proportion to the surrounding locale and introducing outdoor gathering spaces and an inviting street-scape along Grove Street and Glenwood Avenue. 

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