Monday, February 6, 2012

412-2.0 Schematic Design + Precedents : Glenwood site

Mercado Palhano Eco-Market

"Londrina, Brazil is home to the gorgeous new Palhano Eco-Market, a bright green gathering place adorned by chic sliding louvers and hanging roof gardens. Designed by Studio Guilherme Torres, the LEED-worthy market was a bit of a challenge to put together with its low-lying design dictated by height restrictions and quite a bit of unattractive infrastructure to hide. But you'd never know that looking at  it."

"Materials were sourced locally, water was used carefully, and energy was apportioned efficiently. But ensuring that a design is truly sustainable frequently transcends just the site and materials. So Guilherme Torres also focused on establishing a wholesome commercial center that would instill pride in Londrina’s community and lift them up and usher in a new era of concerned, purposeful development. The long sight lines, natural facades, and splashes of yellow are definitely something to be proud of, and we hope to see a lot more from this team in the future."  

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